What is Lo Tedhal?

LO TEDHAL is a Therapy Center for Pain Control and Palliative Care. The main objective of wich is to offer pain relief, comfort, quality of life and dignity at death to terminally ill patients whose disease has no cure; and also to give support to the patient’s families.

LO TEDHAL means, "Do not be afraid"
(in Aramaic, which is the language of Jesus).

This humanitarian center will be the first one of this nature in Brazil specialy built for that kind of sufferer. It will act as an extension of the patient’s home, where he/she will receive not only the relief of physical pain but also psychological and spiritual support.
The specialized team will be made up of personnel trained in Palliative Care Medicine including doctors, nurses, social assistants, occupational terapist, psychologist, volunteers, health authority, Catholic ministry and Priests.

As reported by the Health World Organization, 80% of patients in advanced stages of cancer die in intense suffering. Palliative care appears in a concrete structure in order to maximize the comfort and the quality of life for those patients, allowing them to recover their dignity.

Unfortunately, what we see around us are terminally ill patients confined in any available hospital bed, or even in their own house, often abandoned and in deep sufering.
In countries like the United States, Canada, France, Spain, England, etc. there are hundreds of palliative care centres like Lo Tedhal.

Help us to change this situation in Brazil. When you acquire the Infallible Novena, you are contributing with Lo Tedhal construction and maintenance.

We invite you to participate on this adventure of love to our neighbour.

"There are men who combat one day and they are good. There are men who combat one year and they are better. There are men who combat many years and they are much better. But there are men who combat during the entire life…these are indispensable!"
Bertold Brecht

You are indispensable to build this project!

LO TEDHAL (Maquette)

This is the LO TEDHAL maquette, the model of Therapy Center for Pain Control and Palliative Care, which now is turning into reality (see construction below). Here the sufferers will receive the proper care in order to receive back their dignity.
They will receive not only the relief for their physical suffering but also psychological and spiritual support.

LO TEDHAL ..."Do not be afraid"

This is what we want to say to our patients:

“Do not be afraid. We are with you. Here we are involved in the Divine love, we supply our faith in Jesus and the Virgin Mary, and we receive countless graces”.

Here we will propagate the love...after all:

"There is no other toll to go to heaven other than a ticket of love!"
(Mother Teresa of Calcuta)

“Christ will not ask how many things we did, but how much love we put into our acts!” (Mother Teresa of Calcuta)

LO TEDHAL (Construction)

Please, help us to turn the Lo Tedhal into a reality!

We wait for your donation.

Mary Undoer of Knots
Phone 1(905) 495-4614
e-mail: novena@maryundoerofknots.com



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